HoliSec Deliverable 3.2 – Secure Communication

Published in Project Deliverable of HoliSec HOLIstic Approach to Improve Data SECurity, 2019

This deliverable D3.2 – Secure Communication presents the results and achievements of the sub-work package WP3.2 Security mechanisms for the connected vehicle – Secure Communication of the HoliSec project. This deliverable consists of eight publications and provides insight into the following topics in vehicular security:

  • An evaluation of promising CAN message authentication solutions.
  • Discussion about the possibilities of memory exploitation techniques on resource constrained automotive systems.
  • Recommendations to improve vehicular security throughout the entire software development lifecycle based on an automotive use case.
  • Identification of security issues in the automotive domain based on a survey for automotive security experts.
  • A study on how security levels should be structured for the automotive domain (here).
  • A mapping between automotive security levels and required mandatory security mechanisms and design rules (here).
  • An analysis of AUTOSAR SecOC Profile 3, a method to provide freshness to authenticated messages, and a proposal on how to improve it (here).
  • A preliminary assessment of the security implications of replacing 802.11p with cellular V2X.

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