Talks and presentations

Bringing Automotive Security and Safety Closer Together

December 17, 2019

Talk, [AutoSec + OWASP] Christmas Seminar, Gothenburg, Sweden

We already have best practices and mechanisms for functional safety in place, however, a structured or standardised approach for identifying specific security mechanisms mandatory to be implemented are missing for the automotive domain. Our proposed approach covers basic security demands and enables a closer cooperation between safety and security work.

Towards a Standardised Framework for Securing Connected Vehicles

September 20, 2019

Licentiate Seminar, Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden

Vehicular security was long limited to physical security - to prevent theft. However, the trend of adding more comfort functions and delegating advanced driving tasks back to the vehicle increased the magnitude of attacks, making cybersecurity inevitable. Attackers only need to find one vulnerability in the myriad of electronic control units (ECUs) and communication technologies used in a vehicle to compromise its functions. Vehicles might also be attacked by the owners, who want to modify or even disable certain vehicle functions.